Adria Transport offers the organisation and execution of railway transportations. In case the quantities are not sufficient for the introduction of regular services, the company offers transport of waggon groups or single waggons.

Adria Transport has signed agreements on cooperation with the following carriers:

  • in Slovenija: Slovenian Railway - Tovorni promet, Rail Cargo Carrier
  • in Croatia: PPD
  • in Hungary: LTE, MMV, Train Hungary, Rail Cargo Hungaria, AWT
  • in Austria: LTE
  • in Italy: InRail, Merce Italia, RTC, Captrain

Regular services

Koper – Cargo Center Graz - contact Cargo Center Graz

  • Frequency: 7x per week
  • Transit time: 10 hours

Rolling Stock

Adria Transport disposes directly of

However the traction can be made also by employing over 15 locomotives property of the LTE Group.

The following waggons are part of Adria's rolling stock:

  • 85 x Sggrs 80',
  • 25 x Sgrs 60'.